The All-is-One canvas model is a powerful, simple, and revolutionary method that allows individuals and groups to go above and beyond their normal thinking. It's designed to help you develop personally, conceive and bring to life entirely new creations, and prevent or resolve conflicts. Using straightforward words and short sentences on post-its, you navigate through a structured scheme. The outcome of this process is always centered on enhancing your own happiness and the happiness of those around you.

The journey begins with your initial thought or vision of what you aspire to achieve, regardless of its nature. This model then guides you step by step towards the guaranteed realization of that vision. It's rooted in the understanding that the world around you is a creation of your own.

The model aids you in gaining the insights needed to bring your vision to life, challenging and releasing the lens of your pre-existing beliefs, allowing you to see the truth more clearly.

From there, it prompts you to harness everything already present within your realm that's necessary to achieve your goal. It emphasizes the importance of how you share this vision with the world, ensuring it aligns with what brings joy to you and those around you. The culmination of this process is a powerful mantra. This mantra serves as an anchor, solidifying your dream into reality. By merely uttering a few simple words, you can instantly recall and reinforce all that you've designed, bringing it right back into your life or your team's dynamic. That encapsulates the essence of the All-is-One canvas model.